library or research questions

click here to make an article request or for research help

other types of help available:

for these requests, call the librarian, in the main office (847-375-0543)

  1. help with sources of research assignment.
  2. help with library databases.
  3. help with research paper reference styles.
  4. help with ebooks, ebsco, exam (usmle) or related products.

for these requests, go to the library desk and ask the library assistant:

  1. help in locating reference books or textbooks.
  2. help with printing or copying.
  3. help with login to library products.

for these requests/questions, contact dr. branka filipovic (

  1. procedure with research paper or thesis.
  2. help in selecting research topic.
  3. writing research proposal and research paper.

article request policy.

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